Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Happy Tuesday

Hopefully, tomorrow will be half a day at work. Long weekends always bring a smile to my lips as does Coffee Mocha with whip cream. There goes the seven pounds I lost with one take out coffee with everything on it, including the lid. Browsing bookstores can be rather fattening for the waistline and brain. Though in brain terms, adding pounds of thought is sexy and never a put off. That is unless the tongue gets involved and becomes weighted down. Then it is more difficult to express yours ideas. But the only way to exercise a tongue is to wag it a lot. Thus, the fat brain/fat tongue becomes a vicious cycle like two lions circling one another in a bicycle store. Whoever pounces first extends their frequent flier miles, unless of course he/she ends up on the "no fly list." Be warned. Lions don't take bad news very well, especially from humans wearing funny hats.


Lauren said...

Blah, blah, blah, blogs. Blog Humblog

Lauren said...

And yet another test to see if this bloody e-mail notification is working.

Did I mention that I hate tests.