Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Science Fiction Romance Online

Check out this site. It has lots of useful information.

The SpecRom Online Article Archive

Speculative Romance Online wants to help you transform the speculative romance in your imagination to the speculative romance that sells. Check out the What's New list (left), or browse by category:

Write Well 16 ARTICLES
SpecRom's beyond-the-basics authorship collection.

Write-A-World 12 ARTICLES
Advice on creating memorable speculative settings.

The Casting Couch 10 ARTICLES
Techniques to create your corps du coeur.

Featured Creatures 8 ARTICLES
A guide to creating vampires and more.

Screws & Bolts 4 ARTICLES
Suggestions on writing the sensual and erotic.

Jumping the Hyphen 4 ARTICLES
Directions for navigating the cross-genre worlds.

Romancing the Racket 5 ARTICLES
News and views on all facets of the writing biz. AKA tennis for perverts

Can I Still Be An Accountant? 9 ARTICLES
Living the writing life.

Mixed Media 29 ARTICLES
Speculative Romance in Movies, TV and more!

Miscellany 12 ARTICLES
A host of good information that defies categorization.

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