Saturday, January 08, 2005

Flogging the Quill: Eliminate weak, wasted, and wrong words

This is an example of improper word usage at "Flogging the Quill."

Immediately thought of CH. Btw, if you click on the heading of a post, by following the arrow, you will connect to the website enabling you to view the article.


Eliminate weak, wasted, and wrong words:


This is an example of improper usage. Many writers use 'eyes' when what they really mean is gaze, or glance, or stare. Some examples in which I take the usage to the next logical step.

Her eyes were on the floor. (Luckily, no one stepped on them.)

His blue eyes bored into her. (And then blood gushed from the two holes in her belly.)

She felt the woman's eyes searching for her. (It tickled when they slid across her face.)

His tired eyes land on me as he glances around the room. (Then they drop to the floor and bounce across the room.)

My eyes follow the headlights. (I ignore the wrenching pain when they leave their sockets.)

Roger kept his eyes on the road. (He realized his mistake when the ice cream truck ran over them.)"


Shawn said...

I think this is Casey in disguise.


Lauren said...

You may be right!