Thursday, March 03, 2005

PublishAmerica Sting

PublishAmerica Sting

Would they publish the worst book ever written?
To dispel PublishAmerica's statements that they are a "traditional publisher" and claims that they inspect submitted books for quality like a true traditional publisher does, such as--
If indeed you have been dreaming of getting published, and you want us to review your work, please fill out the form below and let us know who you are and what you have written. Your manuscript will be reviewed by our Acquisitions staff, who will determine whether your work has what this book publisher is looking for.
a collection of SFWA authors (and, ahem, non-authors) concocted to write a very poorly written book. Under "direction" of James D. Macdonald, each author was given minimal information from which to write a chapter (with no idea of the chapter's location in the book, time of year, background of the characters, what the plot was, etc.), and encouraged to write poorly. It's a truly awful book, a serious contender for Absolute Worst Book Ever Written. The result was submitted "for review" by PublishAmerica to see if "has what this book publisher is looking for." It did. :-) PublishAmerica offered a contract.
PublishAmerica will publish any work, regardless of quality, despite their claims.
Here's the book, "Atlanta Nights" by "Travis Tea" (say the author's name quickly...) Be aware, as Allen Steele has said, "A note of caution: reading this thing may cause temporary brain damage." :-)

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I ordered a copy of "Atlanta Nights" from It's supposed to be hilarious.