Saturday, December 25, 2004

Reaserch on Cops in the U S

UESTION # 2: I am having problems getting any information on cops in
the US. I want to know what they wear, what they would carry for a
weapon and what would be their normal routine. Also how they would
handle a murder, can you help?

This question turned out to be relatively easy to answer as there is
a lot of information available on the internet. As the question did
not specify which area of the US the story is set, I have gathered
together a series of links that give general information, but also
allow further research by drilling down in the sites. Also, keep in
mind that policing is different from urban to rural settings so you
will have to do a lot of research, but the following web portals
should allow you to find what you need.

CopNet North America is a good place to start -
as is -, while you can also find
criminal justice information at Academic info -

The US government provides resources that can be tapped at for Citizens: Public Safety and Law - and at
Public Safety and Emergency Management: State and Local Government If you're
interested in the FBI, visit their site at

You should drop by RWA's Kiss of Death Chapter website - they include
a page of links for suspense and mystery writers - as well as a
list of their favorite reference books -
Then surf on to links provided by the American Crime Writers League -

Romantic Suspense author Laura Hayden has a good bibliography at her
site as well -

And don't forget Yahoo, which has a category devoted to law
enforcement – again you can drill down from this page for
more details.

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